Self portrait

Jhonny Alejandro Henao, also known as Joni, Alejandro, or Venao, is an illustrator based between Bogotá and Austin. He is driven by a deep passion for painting and creating immersive worlds through images and storytelling. His projects display this versatility giving his background spanning art history, art direction for videos, infographics and even air traffic control. (Can I say that I'm "art" traffic controller? No? O.k.)

Over the last 12+ years, he has dedicated his experience to organizations such as El Tiempo and Magic Markers where he has produced over 600 explainer videos, collaborating with international clients including Google, Coca-Cola, the UN, and numerous prominent companies, universities, and governmental organizations in Colombia (you say a name, we have surely worked with them).

Currently, Joni is immersed in an exciting storytelling project that aims to captivate new audiences. His goal is to inspire through his art. His biggest fear is writing about himself in the third person. When he's not working on commissions and freelancing, he continues to explore his creative pursuits. But right now he is open for commisions and freelancing.

Join Jhonny as he embraces his full-time career as a painter, while helping others achieve what they can imagine.

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Whatsapp him: +57 316 - 618 18 36