digital painting

Advantages of digital painting: a limitless color palette, weightlessness, cleanliness, and affordability of materials. Disadvantages: lacks the lethargic smell of turpentine and potential confusion with an artificial intelligence. Digital sketch painting offers the benefits of fast execution and less painful error correction. That's why this medium allows for an effortless exploration of creativity on a seemingly infinite canvas.

traditional painting

Each brushstroke reflects the artist's unwavering dedication and commitment. Painting is a challenging pursuit, as the artist engages in a fight with the canvas, striving to bring their vision to life. However, amidst this effort, a profound sense of love and fulfillment emerges. The act becomes a selfless expression, where the painter pours their heart and soul into every stroke, a conduit for the artist's innermost thoughts and emotions. It embodies the essence of this loving and rewarding experience...

Or, in other words: painting is struggle. But it's beautiful.


During the pandemic, I embarked on a unique project called #100perritus. For 100 consecutive days, I published digitally painted portraits of dogs. These whimsical and colorful creations celebrated the beauty and diversity of our canine companions. It was a labor of love and a way to bring joy to others (and myself) during challenging times.

It's worth noting that the photographs used as references for the portraits were mostly taken without the dogs' consent or knowledge (as they may not understand the concept of a camera). However, every effort was made to capture their spirit and personality in each artwork, honoring their unique essence.

#100perritus was a journey that not only allowed me to improve my digital painting skills but also brought a smile to the faces of dog lovers everywhere.