The 'Sami Santos: Road to Utopia [Working Title]' Project. An ongoing illustration, web-comic, graphic novel, world building, script, concept, digital painting, social media all-in-one project-o-rama. 

I firmly believe that pursuing our passions is essential for personal and spiritual fulfillment, and with advancements in technology, it has become more accessible than ever before. Painting, as an art form, encompasses a vibrant interplay of hues, tones, and saturation, and using it as my medium, I aim specialize in crafting captivating portraits and scenic artworks. For me, painting is more than just a passion; it immerses me in a state of flow and brings me a profound sense of vitality. Through the act of painting, I can fully express myself, endeavoring to convey the profound contradictions of life's colors.

In this video you can see a little glimpse of my work at Magic Markers. The business model of this Production company revolves around creating custom explainer videos. We have produced over 600, many of which are not publicly available on our YouTube channel. The interesting part is that the organizations that approach us for explanations have diverse needs. Sometimes, we create videos for events, while other times, we explain products or services that don't necessarily belong on our channel.


[in progress]

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